Miami Architects

Introduction to Miami Architects

img1This article will focus on Miami architects. First, you may have wondered what it takes to become an architect, and what they do exactly. This article will explain all this, and will also discuss the work of Miami architects. There are a couple facts to remember about architecture in America. One is that there are standards set by the Board of Architecture nationwide, yet each state has standards as well. Second is that the requirements for an architect is always changing.

There are four steps to become an architect in America

#1: Education - In the United States, the architecture program is usually five years towards a Bachelor of Architecture at an accredited university.
#2: Internship – After graduation from the five year program, you must work as an intern for a small or no salary. It is called the Intern Development Program (IDP), and is very intensive for one year. There are 16 different categories in architecture that are involved in this challenging program that thoroughly prepare an architecture student for the profession. California and a few other states require even more internship training.
#3: Testing – All exams are computerized for becoming an architect. This is a four-day exam totally, with different parts. They may be taken in any sequence, and are available anywhere in the nation at a local setting.
These exams for national registration are called the Architect Registration Examination, or ARE. If you are interested in becoming an architect, the exams are a combination of multiple-choice, completing a term in a sentence, and parts in which the test-taker must use a CAD-program to draw a building lay-out. In Miami, fortunately a test-taker is spared taking the oral part that is required in all of California.
#4: Licensure - If all three of the aforementioned steps to become an architect are fulfilled and verified, then an architecture student must pay a fee for every state where s/he plans to be an architect. This fee will register the student, and then s/he will be a licensed architect. You will then see R.A. behind their names, or AIA, or American Institute of Architects. Believe it or not, the architect then must continue taking formal classes to keep their license.
These are all the steps involved to become a licensed architect in any state. If you reside in the Miami, Florida area, you will see what is called Miami Modern Architecture, which is nicknamed MiMo. It is a type of architecture that started in the ‘50s in Miami only. It first was just used to describe Miami’s resort beach buildings. In time it became a popular around the world. It’s more stylish than the previous styles of keeping designs very simple and efficient.

What exactly does an architect do?

An architect designs buildings of all kinds. Nearly any building that you see around you had an architect behind its style and placement of materials in its construction. In different parts of the United States you will see different styles and colors of homes and some commercial due to the varied climate and use of the building. Miami architecture, for example, will have more homes with tropical colors and flatter roofs than Chicago architecture because of Miami’s subtropical climate. Roofs must have more slope, or “pitch” in Chicago to prevent snow build-up. These are just a couple of the concerns of the architect. She or he must design buildings to support the loads for its intended purpose in its environment. A two-story commercial building, for example, may house extremely heavy equipment, whereas a home may only have a nothing heavier than a dresser. Miami architects must draw the floor plans for a building to scale, with its use and surroundings in mind. An architect may also design a model to showcase the actual building.

An architect is a professional who must undergo one year more of college than some careers. After the five years, there is more training and rigorous tests to be passes. Then, if all this is completed successfully, s/he must pay a fee to become registered with the Board of Architects.

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You now see that architects have a very important role in the creation of many kinds of buildings. They must go through five years of intense study at an accredited university. They have to go through an internship program with little, if any pay. They must pay a fee to register in each state where they plan to work. They must create floor plans that are accurately presented for construction. They must also be familiar with the popular styles of the area where they are working for their clients. Miami architects, for example, will design a home that has a low-pitched roof, with one story due to hurricanes, have excellent air flow, and with tropical colors. So Miami architects are very knowledgable in the building structure in extreme weather conditions which makes them unique in their own right.